Planning Commission

Planning Commission Information

Meeting Times: We meet on the Thursday prior to the Regular Board meeting at 7 pm at the Chassell Fire Hall. Check the News and Calendar for the specific date.

Mission Statement

Vision: Making Chassell Township a great place to Live, Work and Play.

Mission: Developing and executing proactive plans and processes in partnership with the Chassell Board to support responsive and effective recreation, zoning, economic development and infrastructure to meet the current and future needs and interests of Chassell Township residents and visitors.

Planning Commission Membership


Planning Commission Minutes

2019 MinutesAugust 2019, July 2019, June 2019, May 2019, April 2019, March 2019,February 2019,January 2019

2018 MinutesDecember 2018November 2018October 2018September 2018, August 2018, July 2018, June 2018, May 2018, April 2018, March 2018, February 2018, January 2018

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Chassell Recreation Plan

Chassell Township Recreation Plan 2018-2023 – 04.02.18

Chassell Township Recreation Plan 2012-2017

Road Committee (RC)

The following 5 Year Road Plan has not been approved by the Board. It was presented at the October 2018 Township Board meeting. The RC has worked hard this fall to rate all the paved roads in Chassell Township. The plan still needs to be approved by the Board and submitted to the Houghton County Road Commission.

5A Approved November 14, 2018 – Chassell Township Five Year Road Plan

Some Road Condition Pictures taken by the Road Committee

Revised Houghton County Master Plan – May 15, 2018


The Planning Commission is still working on the following ordinance:

Zoning Ordinance Revisions

Working Document-Chassell Zoning Ordinance

The Chassell Planning Commission is in the process of reviewing the current zoning ordinance. Since the document was last updated in the 90’s, The Commission plans to do an in-depth review of the document to bring it more in line with the community’s vision for the future. With this document being rather extensive in length, a small committee is meeting weekly to work through the document. Progress will be posted here on the website as a pdf with track changes displayed so you can see where we’re at so far. None of the proposed changes are set in stone, these are simply recommendations. A public hearing will be held to receive public comment on the document. All are always welcome to attend the monthly Planning Commission meetings to voice any thoughts or concerns.

Future of America’s Forests and Outdoor Recreation Participation Reports.

Results from the online survey in August 2017

Recreation Plan Survey 2017

Medical Marijuana Survey 2017

Final Report – Chassell Township Recreation Plan Survey – Vrana and Green 12.20.17