From the cheerful sign welcoming visitors to Chassell, all the way to 2nd Street, the center of our town is lined with 40 small gardens. They were originally designed at the beginning of the century, and continue to provide a bright and wonderful accent of color to US 41.

These gardens include flowers, bushes, beautiful and exotic grass plants and often trees. The “triangle” gardens on the eastern end of the town features low-growing bushes and flowers that provide a special display. Further west, the gazebo offers a place for people to stop, relax and appreciate Chassell’s character. In between, the small sidewalk gardens have a unified (but individual) design that makes the main street a delight for residents and visitors alike.

What many people do not realize is that these gardens are maintained by a group of volunteers – often as many as 20 or more local residents – who work throughout the spring, summer and fall. Led by a local Master Gardener (who attended a course from the Michigan State University Extension Service program), these volunteers work many hours throughout the season. They make a special effort to ensure that the township looks its best for the annual Strawberry Festival put on by the Chassell Lions Club.

So, if you see someone tending these gardens, take a moment to appreciate their work. What you see every day in Chassell is a beautiful community effort.

Chassell Gardens Newsletter 3