Planning Commission

Planning Commission Information

Meeting Times: We meet on the Thursday prior to the Regular Board meeting at 7 pm at the Chassell Fire Hall. Check the News and Calendar for the specific date.

Mission Statement

Vision: Making Chassell Township a great place to Live, Work and Play.

Mission: Developing and executing proactive plans and processes in partnership with the Chassell Board to support responsive and effective recreation, zoning, economic development and infrastructure to meet the current and future needs and interests of Chassell Township residents and visitors.

Planning Commission Membership List as of May 2022

Planning Commission Minutes

2022 Minutes-January 2021 (no quorum), February 2022, March 2022

2021 MinutesDecember 2021, November 2021 (no quorum), October 2021, September 2021, August 2021, July 2021, No June 2021, May 2021, No April Meeting, March 2021, No February Meeting, January 2021

2020 Minutes-December 2020, November 2020October 2020, September 2020, August 2020August 2020, July 2020, June 2020, May 2020, No April Meeting, March 2020, February 2020, January 2020, 

2019 MinutesDecember 2019, November 2019, October 2019, September 2019-no meeting due to Zoning Public Hearing on September 5th, August 2019, July 2019, June 2019, May 2019, April 2019, March 2019,February 2019,January 2019

2018 MinutesDecember 2018November 2018October 2018September 2018, August 2018, July 2018, June 2018, May 2018, April 2018, March 2018, February 2018, January 2018

2017 Minutes2017 Annual ReportDecember 2017, November 2017, October 2017September 2017, August 2017, July 2017June 2017May 2017, April 2017, March 2017, February 2017, January 2017

2016 MinutesNovember 2016, October 2016, September 2016

Chassell Recreation Plan

Chassell Township Recreation Plan 2018-2023 – 04.02.18

Chassell Township Recreation Plan 2012-2017

Road Committee (RC)

The RC has worked hard to update the ratings this past year of all the paved roads in Chassell Township. The following is the updated 5 Year Road Plan to be presented to the board for approval at the December 2020 Township Board meeting. After approval the plan will be submitted to the Houghton County Road Commission.

2022 – Chassell Township 5-year Road Plan

The Planning Commission would would like to make citizens aware of the locations of flood-related FEMA road projects that will be taking place in Chassell Township.  More information will be made available as timelines are established for construction. FEMA Project Location Map – as of August 13, 2019

Revised Houghton County Master Plan – May 15, 2018

Future of America’s Forests and Outdoor Recreation Participation Reports


Results from the online survey in August 2017
Recreation Plan Survey 2017
Medical Marijuana Survey 2017
Final Report – Chassell Township Recreation Plan Survey – Vrana and Green 12.20.17