Zoning Permits and Development & Township Ordinances

Zoning and Permits
Chassell Township’s small-town feel, access to water, and family-friendly atmosphere are what make it such a great community to live, visit and invest in.

To ensure future development maintains what we love about the township while helping it grow in alignment with master plan goals, the township has adopted zoning regulations and standards which apply to ALL CONSTRUCTION including new development, pools, fences, garages, rehabilitation, and more. Prior to putting shovels in the ground, proposed projects must undergo a review process to ensure alignment with the township’s zoning ordinance, resulting in a zoning permit. To ensure Chassell Township is providing the best development experience possible, it is actively working to implement and maintain Redevelopment Ready Communities (RRC) best practices.

This page includes, forms, plans and other information related to development review. Any questions on zoning or development should be directed to:

Zoning Administrator-Tim Palosaari (906.370.2960) or Email

Conceptual Review Meetings (pre-application)
Prior to beginning any project, the township encourages potential developers large and small to meet with township Planning Commission for a free, conceptual review meeting. If a project is not yet ready for public discussion, a pre-application meeting can also be scheduled with the Zoning Administrator. To schedule a meeting, please contact the Planning Commission-Keith Meyers at email or the Zoning Administrator.

Zoning Ordinance
A zoning ordinance consists of two parts: the zoning map which shows the designated zoning district for each parcel and the zoning text. To use zoning, first determine a parcel’s zoning designation using the map and then use the test to view applicable zoning regulations for that district. If you are unsure of which district your parcel is in, the Planning Commission or Zoning Administrator can help you.

All zoning ordinances are required by law to be based on community master plans. Chassell Township’s Planning Commission is charged with maintaining this key plan as well as the recreation plan, capital improvements plan, and more. See more about township plans and their work on the Planning Commission page.

Rental Property Registration
In accordance with the Chassell Township Zoning Ordinance owners of short-term rentals and Bed and Breakfasts where the owner is not in residence shall have a responsible party on record with the township through the completion of the Rental Property Registration Form. While not a requirement for long-term rentals, completion of the form by non-resident owners is recommended to facilitate smooth contacts in the event of emergencies.

As set by the township board, Chassell Township at this time has no fee associated with a zoning permit
but does charge $5 for a sign permit. Chassell Township accepts cash or check payments at the township office at 41950 Willson Memorial Dr. Chassell, MI 49916.

All zoning and development review forms can be found below:

  • Zoning Permit-Fillable with Permit Application Instructions, email or mail permit to address on permit. No permit fee is required. Read the instructions on page 3 and include a sketch. Make sure property lines and building/improvement boundaries are marked clearly at site (especially if a boundary is within close proximity of a building/improvement).
  • Sign Permit
  • Any projects require a permit click on this link MISS DIG Website
  • Land Division Variance Application 

Building Inspections & Permits
All building permits, soil erosion permits, and right-of-way permits (if applicable) are handled by the Houghton County Building Department.  Please visit the Houghton County website for more information. A project must have been issued a Chassell Township Zoning Permit before beginning the building review process.


Township Ordinances