Public Works & Recycling


Located behind the fire hall in the steel Quonset building.                                               22115 7th Street                                                                                                             Phone: 906-481-4000

Garbage and Recycling Hours

Wednesday 1:00-7:00 pm                                                                                           Saturday 8:00 am-1:00 pm                                                                                             *Fee for 25 lb. bag – $2                                                                                               *Punch cards available for $20 (approximately 10 bags)-(effective 5/8/19)

Recycling at Chassell 

Flyer of what is acceptable – Acceptable Materials

Helpful tool if you want to see if something is recyclable. Check this out to see if what you have is recyclable in our area:

*Recycling Fee is based by volume not weight-

$2.50 for 54 quart plastic tote

$2.50 for 1-50# feed bag

$5.50 for 30# garbage bag.

Metal Collection is Free!

Cardboard Recycling is Free! Please flatten all of your cardboard. Do not include any other materials in your cardboard. Thank you!

Reuse Shed – Hey you don’t have to put it in the landfill! Items that are still usable, and in good shape for someone else can use can be put in the shed for others.

Trying to find where to take things to recycle in the Copper Country? Check this out this list of where to Recycle and Reuse in the Keweenaw! Recycle Reuse List

Houghton County Transfer station information

Dumpster Rental is through Waste Management

Contact Mark Harrick for more information.
Phone: 906-361-0036